Mhasibu Sacco Society will be holding an exhibition, member education and children’s fun day event
scheduled for the 7th to 9th December 2017 at the Nairobi Railways Club. This event, aims at bringing
together the finance and accounting fraternity to explore sustainable trade and entrepreneurism.

The country at this time more than ever, requires a stable financial outlook and this event will not only bring
exhibitors to showcase their business initiatives, but also have eminent speakers provide advisory for
success. The children’s fun day aims to bring to bring together children from different backgrounds to
inculcate in them a positive financial culture aimed at increasing financial literacy in a fun filled

Why it this event important?
The 2017 Mhasibu exhibition, member education and children’s fun day is an important day in the
calendar of both the financial sector fraternity and citizens as it will provide a forum for:

  • The stimulation of creative thinking and debate on issues of an overarching nature with regard
    to investment opportunities and financial partnerships.
  • Financial literacy awareness and education towards empowering children and young people – the
    next generation, towards financial prudence.
  • Creation of business opportunities vide the exhibitors showcasing their products and services to
    develop trade partnerships and new markets.
  • Personal and professional growth for attendees through advisory from a panel of key speakers on
    emerging finance and life style topics

What activities will be at this event?

  • The 2017 Member Exhibition will be a joint event for networking, professional development, and
    relevant information transfer to promote and advance personal engagement as various financial
    decision makers will be brought together in one forum.
  • The occasion will see the gathering together of representatives from the accounting profession as well as the wider financial sector in Nairobi and from around the country towards discussions  on sustainable trade and investment for business success.
  • The three day event will see different players exhibit their products and services to create awareness, business partnerships and investment opportunities.
  • The event will host key speakers to talk to participants about branding, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, investment options, and lifestyle improvement throughout the event; included as well is an interactive reporting dashboards in Excel session and a motivational talk.
  • A children’s fun day aimed at transferring financial literacy in a fun filled environment.
  • An education day for the members to update and inform members as per the regulatory