Saccos have over the years grown to be a force to contend with in the financial services sector. The
perception of Saccos has transformed from “harambee” movements to institutions with portfolios
running into billions of shillings.

Saccos are a major player towards financial inclusion and are regulated
towards ensuring compliance and to uphold member rights. With the current drive the country is pushing
towards localization of SDG 8 on decent work and economic growth, and with the drive towards
entrepreneurship as the next frontier for the country’s development, Saccos are a very important pillar.

Kenya’s Vision 2030 recognizes Sacco societies as a platform for increasing financial access to mobilize
savings for investments in business and personal development. Saccos continue to close the capital
resources divide by providing accessible credit for entrepreneurship and innovation that often do not
meet the criteria for loans at regular finance institutions.

What themes will be highlighted at #MhasibuExpo2017?

The 2017 Mhasibu exhibition, member education and children’s fun day is intended to bring out several
themes vide discussions, member engagement, networking activities, exhibitor presentations, key note
speaker talks and children’s fun activities including:-

  • The role and importance of Financial Literacy towards national success
  • How to hedge and mitigate against the current financial services sector challenges
  • Raising a Financially Savvy Next Generation – inspiring the youth and children towards financial
  • Women and entrepreneurship – bridging the gender divide for financial inclusivity
  • Financial Inclusion – providing options to reach unserved and underserved markets
  • Advisory on savings and investments in today’s multi optioned environment
  • Entrepreneurship as a vehicle for sustainable incomes and for opportunity creation
  • Creating local partnerships towards the Buy Kenya Build Kenya initiative
  • Risk Management – identification, assessment and prioritization in the context of the current
    Kenyan situation