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Appointment of a Forensic Auditor




  1. Carrying forensic investigation in all operations and documentation

  2. Review all contracts, their legal status and clearly identify and specify the contractual obligations

  3. Ascertain the shareholding of the company and genuineness of all claims by creditors

  4. Ascertain if there was any breach of law, policies and professional code on conduct by Directors, officers and other parties involved in the operations

  5. Establish the authenticity of critical documents and transactions as well as the level of indebtedness.

  6. Review all communication, screen and identify information that exposes the company to risks.

  7. Establish future viability of the intended project.

  8. Review all the projects undertaken and account for all the stocks/investment as presented on the reports.

  9. Establish payments made and received for stocks/investments

  10. Ascertain the position of the company regarding the projects and any interests it may hold on each one of them.

  11. Ascertain the liabilities of the company in relation to the projects undertaken.

  12. Evaluate the overall financial position of the company.